Peace Talks

by Joe Kenyon IV

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    releases August 1, 2016

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Red Hair, Brown Hair
Greetings from the Chemical Coast
Tigers (Be Careful out There)
Seeing Stars, Circa 1999
Strangers (We Always Maintain)
Women of Brazil
True Freaks (Leave the Light On)
What a Night (at Home Alone Can Do for the Soul)


This is the new beginning I've desperately been working towards.

After 8 years in space as Ruined Machines, this album will sum up the roughest period of my life. It's time for me to come back down to Earth.

"Red Hair, Brown Hair" is a song originally written for someone I was with for a long time, and by the time the decision was made to rework the song, we were no longer together. It's gone from a piece of devotion to a narrative about a breaking apart, without a word being said. This part of my album will break your heart.

"Greetings from the Chemical Coast" and "Fountain" are pieces that say farewell to certain parts of my past that still pop in to say 'hello' from time to time... Places and people respectively. They also serve to remind me that the future requires all the focus I possess right now.

"What a Night" is a huge piece armed with the power to let you know that all you need at the end of the day is you. This is the part of the record that will heal you.

Peace Talks are ongoing, but we are optimistic.


—Joe Kenyon IV


releases August 1, 2016



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Joe Kenyon IV

My name is Joe. I'm formerly captain of an instrumental rock spaceship called Ruined Machines. Now I am back to Earth with a new album soon.

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